Monday, November 28, 2005

Scott the Robot

When my husband read my blog his initial reaction was "All you've talked about so far is Brad Pitt and some guy named Dan Butthole." Technically, he is incorrect since I also mentioned Panama, a bridge, my dying mother (not really dying) and my imaginary friendship with Jennifer Aniston. But I can see his point. So on this post-Thanksgiving day I would like to wax eloquent for one moment about my husband, Scott.

1. Scott rhymes with hot, robot and, well, nothing else funny.
2. Scott IS hot, but he is NOT a robot. As far as I know.
3. Scott loves four things: Me, his wife. Diva, our dog. The Broncos, our football team. And fantasy football, his hobby.
4. Oh, make that five things: Scott also loves our new home theater system. It is our last big pre-baby purchase and it is S-W-E-E-T. So I've been told. We got sweet deals on a bunch of stuff connected with it (cables, a receiver, surround sound, projector mount, projector and some other sweet techie stuff.) It is sweet.
5. Scott can fix anything. He is very handy. He builds, installs and fixes a lot of stuff, like sinks, fences/gates, ceiling fans, truck brakes and home theater systems. He once built an entire skyscraper in Manhattan out of duct tape and popsicle sticks. Seriously.
6. Scott is my best friend. Here are some of the best-friendy stuff he does:
a. He took Diva for walks by himself when I was in my first trimester. I was what is commonly known as a "Piece of Crap" after about, well, about 10:30am. He never complained that I was being lazy or neglectful. He just put the leash on her and took her to the park while I watched CSI reruns on the couch.
b. He reads The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe out loud with me nightly because I can hardly contain my excitement that this beloved childhood story is coming to the silver screen as a Major Motion Picture. I am convinced that the rest of the world will love this story as much as I do, because clearly I set the standard (duh), so he bought me the entire set of the Chronicles of Narnia and reads it out loud with me.
c. He thoroughly analyzes and discusses all aspects of every friend and family dynamic that takes place in our relationships while we walk our dog. (Don't worry, we only say nice things about you.)
d. He tells me I don't look fat at all, even at 13 weeks pregnant. I think he really believes it.

So those are some useful facts about Scott, my best friend and the only love of my life.


Blogger heather said...

What a wonderful husband you have. So do I. :)

Wanna go see Narnia on Friday? Do you have your tickets already?

3:19 PM  

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